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Wirop 600 ton C-frame swaging machine in operation. See "Fast Flemish" dies in action!
Wirop 1500 ton swaging machine in operation.
WP-1500 2
Wirop 1500 ton swaging machine in operation.
Wirop 300 ton pull test machine in operation.
Wirop Press Manual
Wirop press operations manual for C-frame and 2-column machines.
Wirop Rigging Machinery
Wirop is the world leader in swaging presses, test beds and annealing machines. Sea-Land sells and services Wirop's machinery in the United States.
Sea-Fit Shackles
Sea-Fit Super Shackles and forged safety anchor shackles from 35 to 400 metric tons. Made in USA with RFID chips and each one is individually serialized.
Socket Lock
Socket Lock Socketing Resin is available in 250cc, 500cc, 1000cc kits. New to the industry, Socket Lock is also available in individual kit sizes to match socket sizes from 2 to 4 inches.

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